Polystyrene insulation and polystyrene blocks Melbourne are an excellent alternative to typical insulation. It’s an economic solution for those looking to insulate on a budget, and is often used in steel stud, timber stud, concrete and masonry buildings. Use it in walls, ceilings and floors to insulate rooms effectively and affordably. At E-Green Insulations we offer a range of polystyrene insulation suited to all applications. We even provide installation. Buy online or talk to our team today for more information.

Why Choose Polystyrene Insulation?

Polystyrene insulation is ideal for those looking to insulate, but don’t necessarily have the budget to spend on. For year’s it’s been a popular choice for building, and it’s easy to see why. It’s light, easy to handle, durable, and recyclable. Additionally, it’s moisture resistant, making it great for industrial uses and areas prone to rough weather. If you’re not sure what kind of insulation you’ll need for your next building or renovation project, our team will be able to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

For Buildings of All Shapes and Sizes


Choose from polystyrene sheets, blocks, insulation and cladding for any part of your building. Sheets come in different thicknesses, each with more insulating power than the last. You won’t always need the thickest insulation, and depending on space available you may not be able to install the thickest. It’s important to work out which thickness is best for your needs, and plan your installation beforehand.


Insulation Installers Melbourne

Polystyrene Blocks Melbourne Installation


If you need polystyrene insulation installed, our insulation experts are here to help you get the job done. Polystyrene sheets and polystyrene blocks Melbourne often need to be cut and shaped to fit behind walls. Our team have the experience, skill and tools to get the job done fast, with no hassles. If you’ve got a building or renovation project you need to finish, you can trust the team at E-Green Insulations to get the job done and keep you on target for time. We can supply, deliver and install. Choose us for polystyrene, or browse our range of Green batt fibreglass insulation online.

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If you’re in need of insulation for your next project, call the team at E-Green. We can help you find the insulation you need and even install it. Choose from a full range of polystyrene blocks Melbourne and get your home or building project insulated today. Buy online or talk to our team for bulk purchases.